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Top Five Winter Activities in Lake Havasu

Lake Havasu winter is still packed with amazing things to do!

With the scorching summer heat now a distant memory, fall always heralds the onset of the winter season. If you’re visiting the area then you’ll want to read through the top five winter activities in Lake Havasu. For a lot of folks, winter is synonymous with being cooped up indoors courtesy of gloomy weather and near-freezing temperatures. If you want to beat the chilly blues and have some fun this winter, Lake Havasu offers a variety of amazing outdoor activities for the entire family. We hope you enjoy these winter activities in Lake Havasu City.

Scenic Cycling

Try cycling through Lake Havasu City! Our city offers an array of cycling terrains ready to be explored. From well-paved paths and mountainous terrain to expansive stretches of open roads, Lake Havasu City is a cycler’s paradise. Whether you’re looking for a fitness challenge or a relaxing ride, Lake Havasu City is the perfect go-to location this winter. If you don’t own a bike or aren’t interested in hauling one all the way there, there are plenty of bike rentals offering different types of bikes for specific terrain. Browse a few of the popular local spots to check out on your bike here.

Peaceful Kayaking

Winter temperatures in Lake Havasu City aren’t nearly as cold as in the northern parts of the country. With highs of around 60° Fahrenheit and lows of 48° Fahrenheit, the lake surface remains ice-free, making kayaking possible. Kayak rentals offer both single and double kayaks, allowing you to paddle solo or with a loved one. Explore vast swathes of the lake as you take in the tranquil scenic landscape.

Go Off-Roading

Lake Havasu City is home to a wide array of off-road trails, cutting through numerous different terrains. With cooler winter temperatures, you can easily explore canyons, dunes, and open desert trails. Whether you have a dirt bike, an ATV, a UTV, or a 4-wheel-drive truck, there are plenty of trails to explore over winter. If you want a more hard-core challenge, take the back roads to the famous Desert Bar and experience 5.6 miles of steep rock walls, and narrow winding rocky trails, with steep climbs and sharp descents.

Bass Fishing and more

Lake Havasu consistently ranks among the top destinations for bass fishing countrywide. In winter, fishing tends to slow down, making a catch all the more rewarding. Largemouth and smallmouth bass tend to group over the winter months as they chase schools of baitfish. If you want to locate a large school of fish, always keep an eye out for Clark’s grebe, a relatively large, long-necked, mostly flightless bird that swims on the lake surface and dives for fish. With a bit of diligence, it’s not uncommon to catch 5-to-10-pound bass. Stop into the Outer Harbor for all your essentials.

Hiking desert trails

Lake Havasu City is home to several hiking trails, ranging from basic to demanding. Explore trails such as Mockingbird Wash Trail, Crack In the Mountain Trail, Pilot Rock Trail, and the Whytes Retreat-Ripley’s Run Trails. Daytime temperatures allow for hiking in t-shirts and shorts, but it’s advisable to carry a jacket or sweatshirt, especially for higher-elevation hikes. The hiking trails make for excellent bonding time with your loved ones while testing your hiking skills and endurance, making this easily a top-five activity in Lake Havasu.

Lake Havasu City is a winter paradise. Above-average temperatures make the winters a lot less dreary and a lot more fun. Plan your next winter getaway at Lake Havasu City and enjoy these five amazing, fun-filled activities. Start planning your Lake Havasu winter vacation today!

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