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Havasu Springs Resort has a variety of over 40 motel rooms for you to choose from. We offer different locations, views, and amenities to suit all your vacation needs. For room reservations reach



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Havasu Springs Resort

Welcome to Havasu Springs Resort, a waterfront paradise at the beautiful south end of Lake Havasu.  From motel rooms, boat slips & RV sites, to vacation homes, weddings & events, this full-service resort will meet all of your travel destination needs and so much more.

  When it comes to activities at Havasu Springs Resort, the sky is the limit!

We offer kayak rentals and have a variety of wakeboard and nautical recreational products available in our Outer Harbor Store.  Whether it’s inner-tubing, playing tennis or pickleball, jet-skiing or paddle boarding —  we pride ourselves in meeting your vacation activity needs.

Call ahead to arrange a boat rental to be delivered during your stay, or ask about our on-site golf cart rentals, courtesy of Premiere Golf Cars.

Located in the middle of Parker and Lake Havasu City, Havasu Springs Resort is just a short drive or boat ride away from the events that attract people locally all year long.  Once you vacation the Havasu Springs Resort way, there’s no other place you’ll want to stay!

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