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15 Family-Friendly Spring Break Ideas

Have some family fun together this year during spring break without busting your budget. Keep reading to discover 15 family-friendly spring break ideas that are sure to please your kids. Get back to basics and keep spring break simple and budget-friendly this year.

(1) Nighttime Stargazing Activity

Assemble your family around a telescope in your backyard on a clear spring night to do some stargazing together. Take turns locating specific starry constellations with help from a hard-copy constellation map or cell phone app.

(2) Energizing Bicycle Excursion

Get outdoors during spring break and enjoy a bicycle ride together. The fresh outdoor air, warm sunshine, and exercise are sure to lift everyone’s spirits.

(3) Local Arts and Crafts Fair

Drive your family to a local arts and crafts fair. These local fairs often feature assorted displays and activities, such as outdoor concerts, food booths, original artwork, face painting for the kids, homemade crafts, and much more.

(4) Strawberry Picking Farm

Locate a strawberry farm near your home that offers an opportunity for your family to pick their own strawberries. Call your local strawberry farm prior to your spring break visit to verify picking dates and times.

(5) Miniature Golf Fun

Pick out your favorite miniature golf course and enjoy playing a few games together. Mini golf is a terrific family experience that is sure to foster a little family-friendly competition mixed with lots of fun.

(6) Spring Planting Endeavor

Use some time over spring break to refurbish your existing flower beds, boxes, and planters with new spring plants. Your kids will love digging in the dirt to plant beautiful flowers with you.

(7) Firepit Sing-Along

Gather the family around your backyard firepit to enjoy a spring evening of singing entertaining campfire songs. If you have a guitarist in your family, have them strum their guitar while everyone sings traditional campfire favorites.

(8) Recreational Vehicle Trip

If you don’t own an RV, you can rent one to experience a new adventure together over spring break. Camping in an RV is a great way to enjoy the comforts of home while creating new memories. At Havasu Springs we have RV camping options avaialable.

(9) Home Painting Project

Grab some paint and brushes to do a home painting project as a family. For example, help your older kids apply a fresh coat of paint to their bedrooms in their favorite colors, or refresh your deck, front porch, or flower boxes with new paint.

(10) Backyard Camping Time

Pitch a couple of tents — one for the adults and one for the kids — right in your own backyard and enjoy a night spent outdoors. Pack a picnic-style dinner, tell a few scary stories, play some outdoor games, and have lots of fun on your backyard campout.

(11) Planned Nature Hike

Take the family on a scheduled nature hike to a nearby city, state, or national park. Learn about the sights, sounds, and smells of spring by a park ranger or other qualified naturalist.  You can find an extensive list of hiking trails in and around the Lake Havasu area here.

(12) Delicious S’more Making

Invest in an inexpensive s’more maker to enjoy these sweet treats indoors. Your kids will love making the gooey marshmallow, chocolate, and graham cracker snacks, especially when you’re stuck inside on a rainy spring day.

(13) Museums, Zoos, and More

Visit a local museum, zoo, botanical garden, theme park, aquarium, historical site, or other places of interest to give your entire family a spring break experience that they’ll remember for a long time. Look for special discounts, free admissions, and other budget-busting savers before you go.

(14) Games, Puzzles, and a Tea Party

Purchase a few board and card games, jigsaw puzzles, and a tea set to provide hours of family fun together at home during spring break. Younger kids are sure to enjoy dressing up for a special tea party with the adults and their favorite stuffed animal friends and dolls.

(15) Simple Outdoor Barbecue

Light up your outdoor grill to cook a simple barbecue menu of hot dogs and hamburgers for your family. Enjoy your meal in the fresh spring air on your patio or deck with traditional favorites, like potato salad and baked beans.

Having fun with your family members over spring break is doable without draining your savings. Pick out your favorites from the 15 activities listed in this article that best suit your family’s budget and interests. Make this spring break a simple, budget-friendly, and fun-filled family affair.

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