Top 5 Lake Coves Near Havasu Springs Resort

Top 5 Lake Coves Near Havasu Springs Resort

May 5, 2019

Top 5 Lake Coves Near Havasu Springs Resort

Not particularly into the wild craziness or large crowds that tend to come along with the likes of places such as Copper Canyon or the Bridgewater Channel? Well that’s cool, because neither are we. That’s why we put together this awesome list of the top 5 lake coves near Havasu Springs Resort that are great to just chill out, relax and enjoy your day in the sun. Some of them are on the map, some of them aren’t, but each one is just a quick boat cruise away from us at Havasu Springs! Don’t forget to fuel up or grab some last minute supplies before taking off at the Outer Harbor.

1. Bird’s Nest Cove: 

The first and most customer favored cove on our list is the lovely Bird’s Nest Cove. Don’t feel like driving the boat very far? No problem! This widespread and relaxing cove is located right next to Havasu Springs Resort, and offers multiple little areas for boats to drop their anchor and set up for the day. If you launch your boat with us, just simply hook a right around the corner and find yourself located within the little private paradise.

Birds Nest Cove

2. Question Mark Cove:

 Located all the way across the lake, and basically directly parallel to Havasu Springs Resort, is the serene Question Mark Cove. Named because of its question mark shape, this cove is a great journey to take by kayak or paddle board on a calm day to get your vacation workout in. The unique photo opportunities along the way and once you arrive are basically limitless. Bonus, it’s far enough that you can enjoy a nice cruise on your boat and watch the sunset, and close enough that you can return quickly to your boat slip before it gets too dark to navigate back safely.

Question Mark Cove - Lake Havasu

Photo Courtesy of Robert Baldwin

3. Glen Wash Canyon Cove: 

Also commonly known to locals as ‘California Cove’, the beautiful Glen Wash Cove is located approximately a half mile north up the lake. Here you will find a lot of spots you can climb up the cliffside and jump off of into the lake. All the different jumping heights makes this cove a very enjoyable day visit for children and thrill seekers alike. On the holiday weekends this cove can become slightly crowded, but don’t worry— it is still no where near the level of busy that comes with the more popular areas we mentioned before.

Glen Wash Canyon Cove

Photo Courtesy of Pat Rolfes

4. Satellite Cove: 

This cove is another Havasu Springs Resort customer favorite, as there are several surrounding private beaches you can pull your boat up on for the day and completely set up, relax, and even camp over night  for a small fee. There are near by public restrooms for emergencies, and relaxation doesn’t get much better than the vibes that come along with chilling out in Satellite Cove.

Satellite Cove Lake Havasu

Photo Courtesy of Shavell McMahon

5. Red Rock Cove: 

Red Rock Cove is truly a gorgeous site to behold, especially during one of Lake Havasu’s captivating sunrises or sunsets. The intense hues of the red rock cliffs are so vivid that the rippling lake water beneath the cliffs turn a striking amber color as well. Red Rock Cove is also a terrific fishing area, if you feel like catching and grilling your dinner during your stay at our RV Park, Poolside Motel, or Vista Suites. Also big boats needn’t fear— you are able to safely approach the cliffs for  a closer look, as this portion is among the deepest sections there are on the southern end of Lake Havasu.

Red Rock Cove Lake Havasu

Photo Courtesy of

Here is some additional information

Just in case the coves on this list don’t float your boat, we included a map of coves all throughout Lake Havasu, courtesy of the Lake Havasu City Convention and Visitors Bureau.

We hope to see you soon enjoying your vacation in one of our nearby coves, and remember— keep calm and float on!

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