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Staying Safe In The Arizona Heat

Arizona summers are notoriously hot. 2020 recorded the state’s hottest ever summer, with temperatures averaging 96 degrees. However, Lake Havasu topped that in 1994 with an intense 128 degrees, ranking as the hottest day in the state of Arizona ever recorded.  The period between May and September is typically accompanied by heat-related illnesses, with about 3,000 people visiting emergency rooms each year. If you’re planning an exciting getaway to the Grand Canyon state, here are a couple of ways you can stay safe in the Arizona heat.

Stay Hydrated

Summers in Arizona are remarkably hot and dry, with temperatures ranging between 90 and 120 degrees. One of the body’s natural responses to heat is sweating, consequently leading to a loss of body fluids. If you’ll be spending time outdoors, it is essential to stay hydrated to replenish the water lost through perspiration. Coconut water or low-calorie sports drinks are excellent for replacing the potassium and sodium lost in sweat, however, plain water is the most ideal fluid to ensure proper hydration.

Plan Outdoor Activities for Cooler Times of the Day

While it may be tempting to plan a fun-filled afternoon hike, you’re better off doing an early morning or late evening hike. Heat typically starts to build up from noon, with temperatures peaking at around 3 PM, making any mid-afternoon excursions a definite no-go zone. Avoid strenuous outdoor activities, particularly during peak sunshine hours.

Dress Accordingly

When it comes to summer attire, the general rule of thumb is to wear breathable and loose-fitting clothing. T-shirts, shorts, tank tops, sandals, and flip-flops all make the list of summer must-haves. Avoid nylon, polyester, silk, or rayon clothing, as they are not breathable and exacerbate sweating. Natural fibers like cotton or linen will wick sweat away from the skin and feel more comfortable. Wide-brimmed hats and light-colored clothes are excellent outdoor choices.

Adjust Your Workout Session

Summer calls for a revised workout regimen. If you’re used to longer workout sessions, pace yourself by incorporating more regular breaks. Taking more frequent breaks allows your body to rest from the rigors of exercising in the heat. If you begin to experience nausea, dizziness, or exhaustion, stop working out altogether. Also, try adding some water-related sports into workouts. Surfing, swimming, or stand-up paddleboarding (SUP) are all fun ways to get a decent workout all while keeping cool.

Never Forget Your Sunscreen

Arizona summers bring along plenty of sunshine, making sunburn an ever-present threat. Finding the ideal sunscreen keeps your skin protected from harmful ultraviolet rays responsible for skin damage. When you’re shopping for sunscreen, look for zinc or titanium-based products with a rating of at least SPF 30+. Apply an ounce of sunscreen (about one-eighth of a cup of water) to your skin and rub it in for the best protection. Remember to apply sunscreen at least 30 minutes before going out to allow enough time for it to soak into your skin.

According to the Arizona Department of Health Services, heat-related deaths hit an all-time high of 520 mortalities in 2020. If you plan on spending time outdoors in the Arizona heat, take the utmost precautions to protect yourself and your loved ones. Beat the heat with these handy tips and enjoy a fun-filled summer.  If you have forgotten any of the items that you and your group will need while enjoying an Arizona getaway, don’t forget that our Outer Harbor store features everything you need to stay safe in the Arizona Heat.

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