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Spring Break Havasu Springs Style

It’s that time of year again! The Spring Break season is upon us. Let us show you Spring break Havasu Springs style! We at Havasu Springs Resort want to help you and your friends make the most out of your Spring vacation; by getting outside and having as much safe fun as possible! To help you do exactly that, here is a great list of 10 fun vacation activities to get into during your stay with us that will keep you smiling—

Spring Break Havasu Springs Style!

10 fun vacation activities to get “in’” to during your stay

1. Boatin’

Spring Break Havasu Springs Style

Boating is the main recreational attraction that draws visitors to Lake Havasu for Spring Break. Although we at Havasu Springs, unfortunately, do not offer boat rentals or personal watercraft rentals (PWC), we do recommend contacting Arizona Watersports for all your aquatic rental needs. They will gladly work with you to find your best fit and to arrange your convenient rental delivery to Havasu Springs so that it is ready to go when you arrive. We have an on-site boat launch ramp and also have a large variety of boat slips available, so you can easily park your boat for the week without the hassle of pulling it in and out of the lake each day. For more information click here for a complete list of Lake Havasu rental companies.

2. Beachin’

Spring Break Havasu Spring StyleRise, Shine, Relax, Repeat.  Beach Days with your friends is an essential part of any successful Spring Break. We offer several sandy beach areas throughout Havasu Springs Resort for you to use, along with our large Main Beach area that is always available for guest use. If you are going boating on the lake, you will find many private beaches for your day or overnight use. These beaches are first available, so make sure you hit the water early to get that beach that suits you and your group just right!

3. Kayakin’

Spring break Havasu spring style

Kayaking is a great workout and a terrific way to get your sight-seeing in. Havasu Springs Resort proudly offers kayak rentals, available through our Outer Harbor Store & Bar. You and your bestie can check out some kayaks, paddle up the Bill Williams, and get in those surreal actions and scenic shots that will make everyone still stuck at home green with Spring Break vacation envy. Our Rates start at just $15 for a 2-hour kayak cruise! If your arms aren’t aching after that, try a 4-hour cruise for $30 or an 8-hour cruise for $45. Don’t forget to bring plenty of water to drink and a camera to use!

4. Fishin’

Spring Break Havasu Springs Style

No fishing gear? No problem! Grab some bait, a pole, and any other fishing supplies you might need from our Outer Harbor Store & Bar and set out to hook your catch of the day! We recommend setting up on the tiny sandy area just to the right of our Havasu Springs Main Beach. This is our customer favored spot to go fishing when you are without a boat. The fish cleaning station is also located throughout our RV Park and has been marked for your convenience on our Havasu Springs Resort maps located in the main office.

5. Grillin’

Spring Break Havasu springs styleFeel like grilling that striper fish you just caught? Great idea! We happily offer several stationary BBQ’s outside our poolside motel rooms and outside our vista suites. However, these grills are first to come first serve, so don’t hesitate when you want to get cooking! For utensils, condiments, cocktails, and anything else you may need to complete your poolside or lakefront dining experience come on down to our Outer Harbor Store & Bar.

6. Swimmin’

spring break havasu springs style

Swimming and Spring Break go together like peanut butter and jelly. Our Olympic-sized Poolside pool is perfect for swimming laps, floating in, and having fun with your family and friends. Little kiddos love the palm tree inspired Splash Pad, and adults love the extra large shallow step — ideal for that halfway in style lounging that keeps you cool but still gets you tan. The lake that surrounds Havasu Springs is also perfect for swimming! Keep to our sandy beaches, stay inside the no wake zone, and be sure float all your troubles away on your unicorn shaped vessel… or any raft of your choosing. Need air for that pizza raft? Visit one of our on-site Air Pumping Stations located across from our Main Gas Pumps or outside our Boat Repair Shop.

7. Paddle boardin’

Spring Break Havasu Springs Style

Paddleboarding on Lake Havasu is a must try. Our waters are smooth and cool, and you cannot beat the zen time offered by paddling next to the breathtaking desert and mountain backdrops that encompasses Havasu Springs Resort. Feeling adventurous? Cruise up the serene Bill Williams River and National Wildlife Refuge. For paddle board rentals we recommend contacting Arizona Watersports for your stand up paddle board rental needs. They will gladly arrange to deliver your rental to Havasu Springs so that it is ready to go when you arrive. Surfs up! Oh well, you catch our drift.

8. Hikin’

Spring Break Havasu Spring StyleIf the weather is warmer, we recommend leaving earlier in the morning for your hike as a sure way to beat the heat. Also bring plenty of water, wear sunscreen, sunglasses, bring a printed map of the trail (our front office will gladly do that for you if you come in and give us the link ), comfortable hiking boots or sturdy sneakers, cell phone (advised, although service may not be available in some areas). If bringing your cell phone don’t forget to turn on your GPS! The GPS on your cell phone may help authorities locate you in case of an emergency. Other helpful things to bring on a day hike include:

  • Day pack (padded shoulder straps or sternum straps advised)
  • First aid kit (Ace bandage, bandages, pain killers, moleskin, surgical adhesive)
  • Flashlight or headlight (advised, especially if hiking in late afternoon)
  • Salty and protein-rich snacks— trail mix, jerky, nuts, power bars and/or sandwiches
  • Sunscreen and lip balm
  • Camera
  • Swiss Army Knife or Pocket Knife
  • Toilet paper, tissue or paper towels (please carry out!)
  • Whistle or loud noise-making device. 
  • Be smart. Have a plan. Inform someone of where you’re going and when you plan to return. Keep your phone charged. Avoid questionable terrain and any abandoned mines. Don’t disturb any wildlife. Most importantly eat well, stay hydrated, carry plenty of water. For a list of trails to get you started, click here now!

9. Jumpin’

Spring Break Havasu Springs Style

When you think spring break havasu springs style, make sure this is on the list! California cove is a short boat ride from our launch ramp, and it has several cliffs of small to great heights that you can swim to, climb up, jump off, and repeat! Copper Canyon is also on Lake Havasu, with it’s the notorious reputation for wild parties, massive boat gatherings, and infamous 80ft high jumping rock. However, unless you are an experienced rock jumper, it is highly recommended to jump from the lower tiers of the formation to start with. Another one of Lake Havasu’s most popular places for cliff jumping is ‘The Suicide’ peaks at the Crystal Cliffs. These cliff’s jumping heights range from 15 to 150 ft. In order to access the area, you will need to walk/hike in, drive an off-road vehicle or access the cliffs by water/PWC/boat. The water is deep enough for you to dive, but you should still be extremely careful while jumping. Please be safe and NEVER jump from any forbidden locations. Always be safe to take all precautions before any jump.


Spring Break Havasu Springs Style

Chilling out is one of the things that makes any vacation truly relaxing. From reclining in one of our lounge chairs by the poolside and laying on your favorite beach towel or blanket by the lake, to leaning back and enjoying a signature Outer Harbor Bar cocktail or delicious dinner from The Springs Dining we at Havasu Springs are firm advocates of chilling out in any variety you enjoy.




We hope you enjoy your next vacation with us, and we can’t wait to see you all on the resort swimmin’, beachin’, grillin’, and chillin’! See you soon for Spring Break Havasu Springs Style!

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