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How to Make the Most Out Of a Weekend Getaway

School is out, vacation options are limited this year, and many working folks have had to take time off to adjust to working from home or even prepping for homeschool in the fall. A few days to unplug really comes at a premium and we all deserve a getaway. So this year instead of planning a trip for your one or two weeks of vacation think about taking advantage of a weekend. Whether it be a quick getaway in the family RV or an adventure-filled lakeside resort stay, there is enough time for travel, relaxation, and fun any weekend. Here’s how to make the most of a weekend getaway.

Leave Early

Leaving as early as possible is an essential part of your trip. If that means leaving straight from work on Friday at 5 p.m. or boarding a flight at 6 a.m. on Saturday, do it. The longer you wait to go, the shorter your trip. A less-than-ideal travel experience won’t matter if you have an extra half-day at your destination.

Don’t be as strict on your travels home, but keep your Monday schedule in mind when deciding when you depart. If possible, spend the majority of your Sunday relaxing before beginning your journey back.

Pack Light

A two-day vacation does not warrant a lot of luggage. Vacation-goers are notorious for overpacking, which is far better than underpacking. If you’re cramped for space in the car or on a flight, all you need is a backpack or a small suitcase. Since the vacation is so short, envision what you might be wearing at different points of each day and pack accordingly.

Having less “stuff” to keep track of while on vacation means more time to enjoy yourself and can be incredibly convenient if space is limited.

Plan Ahead

Don’t waste your precious vacation time deciding on where to go or where to eat. Do as much planning as possible before leaving or on the way to take advantage of every minute you have on your getaway.

If you’re going to the beach, know which beach and where you’re going to park. If you’re going to be walking around a city and doing tourist activities, have a detailed itinerary planned. It seems like a lot of work, but you’ll thank yourself when you’re not wasting time figuring these things out when you’re supposed to be enjoying yourself.

Take Pictures

If you’re one to put your phone away and enjoy the serenity of vacation, don’t follow this advice. It is a good idea to pull yourself away from your screens while away, but capturing some memories is a good idea, whether it be of you and your family or the scenery.

It won’t mean much in the moment, but a week, a month and a year later you’ll be happy you have those memories. When you’ve got some downtime at the office, look at those pictures to remind you how great that weekend getaway was.

Don’t Think About Monday

This may be the hardest piece of advice to follow. Come late-day Saturday and Sunday, thoughts of your return to work may creep into your mind keeping you from enjoying your time away. If that happens, look in front of you, remember where you are, the people you are with and hopefully, you’ll return to a peaceful mental state.

Considering the brevity of the vacation, limited travel time and excess planning that goes into it, a weekend getaway can be hard to pull off. Follow these tips, and you’ll have a weekend to remember, and it won’t be long until you’re planning your next journey.

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