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Havasu Springs Resort

Epic Arizona Sunset Weddings

There’s something about the sunsets at Havasu Springs Resort that are the perfect addition to weddings. Whether it’s a couple posed by the ridge at The Pointe, allowing the sunset to surround them on their special day, or a couple taking advantage of Golden Hour, making their photos feel as warm as the sun on their skin. Nothing says romance better than saying “I Do” with an epic Arizona sunset behind you!

Epic Arizona Sunset weddings
Photo Cred: Hannah Lorsch Photo Film

Creative use of the Arizona skyline

The way the sun hits the clouds during the sunset is nothing short of epic! We love it when photographers take advantage of the gorgeous skyline at The Pointe to make some everlasting memories for our couples!

Epic Arizona sunset weddings
Photo Cred: Alicia Danielle Photography

It’s pretty hard to top an amazing sunset, but this photographer was able to! We loved the use of the purple smoke bomb, contrasting so beautifully with the soft red sand up at The Pointe. She was able to make this photo really stand out from the rest while capturing the happy couple in all their glory!

Epic arizona sunset weddings
Photo Cred: We are Big Pictures

You can still have a close-up shot of the couple while sneaking a peek at that sunset behind them. We love that with this photo we get to see all the little details this couple put into what they’re wearing while Lake Havasu and the sunset surround them!

Epic Arizona sunset weddings
Photo Cred: Dyann Diercks

Sunset Silhouettes

Silhouette photos are some of our faves! This epic photo of one of our more “Sepia” sunsets here in Arizona only added to the desert romance mood that this couple was going for! Clear skies are always nice, but sometimes those clouds can create an even more amazing sunset.

Photo Cred: We are Big Pictures

Such a gorgeous backdrop for a love-filled day! The way the lake mirrors the orange and blue sky is just perfect, creating a warm background for the silhouette of this happy couple!

Photo Cred: Hannah Lorsch Photo Film

That classic Arizona pink sky! We love seeing the lace detail of the Bride’s veil in this picture, the sunset creating the perfect background for it to be shown off.

Photo Cred: Clique Images

Being able to catch that sunset shot while still making use of all the amazing details our couples have for their wedding is so satisfying! They kept their photos authentic to them, bringing in those boho desert vibes while taking advantage of the awesome Arizona sunset all around them!

Photo Cred: Dyann Diercks

Capturing that Golden Hour

Golden Hour photos are very on-trend, and the desert landscape at Havasu Springs Resort makes it so easy to capture our happy couples at this time! Lots of couples are searching for the vintage romance look, and our venue makes that an easy task.

Epic Arizona sunset weddings
Photo Cred: Brett and Tori

Photographers take advantage of the lighting at Havasu Springs Resort in such amazing ways. Getting that gorgeous sunny shot right before the sun falls behind the mountain! We can’t get enough of how the light is reflecting off the water onto our couple, like a natural spotlight for their special day!

Sometimes we can take for granted the epic Arizona sunsets weddings we have at Havasu Springs Resort, but everyone is just as different and beautiful as our couples! Be sure when choosing your wedding photographer that they have a strong knowledge of capturing epic Arizona sunsets and someone who is great with all types of lighting.  A wedding planner like Posh Planning & Event Co. can definitely point you in the right direction!

We are so lucky to have such an amazing desert landscape surrounding our venue to enjoy with all the lovely couples we work with for their special day!

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