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Havasu Springs Resort

Desert Storm stops at Havasu Springs Resort

Photo Credit: Jam Spot Media

Desert Storm stops at Havasu Springs Resort and we are ready for it!

The Desert Storm Poker Run & Shootout

is Lake Havasu’s top can’t miss Spring event of the season. Named “One of the Top Five Poker Runs in the Nation” by Performance Boats Magazine, performance boaters come from all over the country to participate. After the Desert Storm Boat Parade through the Bridgewater channel, the drivers will be taking off for the Poker Run, picking up cards at various card stops on the lake. We at Havasu Springs Resort have the honor of being Card Stop #1! Make sure you get to our Havasu Springs Main Beach early Saturday morning to catch a front row seat to all the hot boat action!

Attention Spectator Boaters and Personal Watercraft Drivers:

Almost all boating accidents occur because drivers are not paying attention to other watercraft on the waterways. Always check around you frequently, look behind you, and know where and when other boaters are approaching you, especially while making turns. Following correct boating safety laws are vital. We please urge you exercise extra caution if you will boating on the lake over the weekend of the Desert Storm Poker Run & Shootout. Overall boating traffic will be extremely heavy and Havasu Springs Card Stop Desert Storm Poker Run 2017 particularly fast. All PWC’s are legally required to stay at least 60′ from any vessel when outside a no-wake zone. Larger vessels have less control than smaller vessels. PWC operators, please stay clear of the path of boaters.

Arizona State Boating Laws (Synopsis)

  • No reckless, dangerous, or negligent operation of a watercraft.
  • No bow-riding while underway.
  • Driver’s view may not be impeded at any time.
  • No one under the age of 12 may operate a motorized vessel (age 16 for California law).
  • Boating speeds must be controlled to avoid collision or damage to property, including causing a wake that may cause damage or collision.
  • No overloading of passengers in a boat.
  • Motorized watercraft must yield to non-motorized watercraft.


  • Boaters overtaking another boat are responsible for their wake which may cause damage to the overtaken vessel or danger to the occupants.
  • Boaters must stay to the right of the lake (counter-clockwise).
  • Boaters towing people/persons must have at least two occupants in the boat at all times.
  • No towing skiers/wakeboarders or other water sports between sunset and sunrise.
  • No interference with the free and proper use of waterways, launch ramps, or other watercraft.
  • No littering (including cigarette butts).• If you are involved in a boating accident, you must stop to render aid and provide contact information.

Be sure to stop at Outer Harbor to fuel up or stock up.

Desert Storm stops at Havasu Spring Resort and we are ready for it!

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