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Top 3 Boat Winterization Steps

If you don’t have the option of storing your boats and personal watercraft, in a dry storage yard or garage then it is important to take the proper steps associated with these Top 3 Boat Winterization Steps!  We chatted with the boys down in our Outer Harbor Boat Repair Shop to get some valuable insight. After all, when that Spring feeling is back in the air you don’t want to miss one minute to get out there and enjoy Lake Havasu.

3 Boat Winterizing Steps

Please note there are many different factors when properly winterizing your boat. Along with other considerations like freshwater versus saltwater, motor types, fuel types, etc.  Please confirm any specific repair needs with your mechanic. You can reach out to our knowledgeable boat mechanics for a winterization checkup.  

Before we get started it’s always smart to write down in a maintenance log. Be sure to put the date and what work you did to your boat and or watercraft for future reference. 


Some folks may be surprised to hear that it’s actually good to have a full tank of fuel in your watercraft before parking it for the season.  It is critical however to add premium gas stabilizers once you’ve decided to store it for the winter season. You can find a stabilizer in the Outer Harbor general store.


Once it’s time to park your water toys for good for the current season, it is best to make sure removing your battery is the very last step you take.  This way you have already raised the engine (if you have an outboard), ensuring the battery is the last thing removed before stowing your boat. Be sure to store the battery in a dry location that doesn’t get too cold. For even more convenience try to place it near an outlet when it comes time to give it a trickle charge. 

Oil Change

Providing regular oil changes for your boat is just as important as your vehicle.  Especially when entering a long period of time where the engine will be sitting unused.  In addition old oil can become acidic. Causing corrosion, thus further diminishing the potential lifespan of your engine.  Be sure to pay attention to the oil filter, in-line filters, and other components as well.

Our last tip is to make sure that all water, wet towels, ice chests or items that can hold onto moisture are removed from the watercraft.  When sitting still, water can cause all sorts of issues to floorboards, upholstery and more. So go ahead and give your boat or watercraft one last detail before you park it for the season.  For more information on repairs and boating needs reach out to our helpful crew in the Outer Harbor Boat Repair shop.



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